Sunday, June 18, 2006

Don't Know Why... There's No Sun Up in the Sky...

Don't know why
There's no sun up in the sky
Stormy weather
Since my man and I ain't together
Keeps rainin' all of the time

Life is bare
Gloom and misery everywhere
Stormy weather
Just can't get my poor self together
I'm weary all the time

So weary all of the time

Since you went away
The blues stepped in and met me
If it's here to stay
Old rocking chair will get me
Every night I pray
That the Lord above will let me
Walk in the sun once more

by Ted Koehler and Harold Arlen

What the hell is going on with the weather here in Seraya!?
It is supposed to be the dry season, and instead we are getting rain, rain, rain.
It is great for my garden, but I suspect Al Gore is on to something in his global warming lecture series and popular flick.

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Andrew! said...

I think it would be wise to at least give the lady that wrote the words of the wonderful song "Stormy Weather" some credit, it was written by the late great Billie Holiday AKA Lady Day, Queen of the blues, May she rest in peace.