Thursday, June 30, 2005

Flash Craig: the Google Biography

Never mind the endlessly fascinating things
that come up when you google your own name, just try finding a friend.

Now, I'm trying to get info on Flash Craig, christened Francis P Craig, known to many as Frank. Flash Craig on google just gets me snared into a lot of software, but to google Frank Craig is to hit a vein of exquisite gems. My husband's lifelong pal Frank Craig apparently led an amazing life. For one, the good doctor himself founded a hospital treating indigent tubercular men:

A truly dedicated caregiver, the man contracted the disease some years later.
Just look at this mega hospital that bears his name today, somewhere in Colorado...

I always knew that Frank had a talent for a fine technical artistry, but look at this illustration attributed to him:

Perhaps the painting was a bit of a break from his long boxing career. Frank "The Harlem Coffee Cooler" Craig had a distinguished run as a pugilist, first in America and then in Britain. A souvenir silk just sold at auction for $2.5K!
Must've really sustained some injuries, because the military didn't want him later on. He was 4F'd out of WWII:

Looking good, there, Flash!
That shot was snapped in pre-mohawk days, I guess.

And if it wasn't amazing enough to find out that Flash was a saintly Medical Doctor, I also stumbled upon this phrase: Dr Frank Craig, CEO of Smart Holograms. Dude, all this time multi-tasking like a fiend.

Look, you had me when you built the movie theatre in your backyard. We loved you for rewiring the Jag. We admire your dutiful care of your ailing dad.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Selling Organs on eBay Didn't Work

Tried to sell two antique reed organs on eBay and it just didn't fly. Dozens of "watchers" (people who tag the item on their own eBay personalized pages for observation), one bidder, but no takers.

Hey, I'm sorry if you expected this entry to be about body parts, but I LOVE that title and I couldn't pass it up! Since the Supreme Court doesn't recognize me as a bona fide journalist, I can't be accused of yellow journalism.

Grey day on the coast of Northern California, here. Paying bills before I head home to the jungle.

Saw Rize last night at the world's foggiest movie theatre, the Century 21 Daly City. Four times, I had to actually restrain my uncoordinated white ass from jumping up from my seat and dancing. It was the most infectious film about dance, EVER! An incredible visual spectacle, a heart-wrenching story, the best screen entertainment this summer!

Tommy the Clown and Larry:

Friday, June 24, 2005

Willy Wonka Too Creepy

Am I the only person who thinks Johnny Depp's portrayal of Willy Wonka is creepy? I think they've got false teeth on top of Depp's chompers, and, with his smooth skin and Dutch Boy haircut, the look is just plain sinister. What'd the makeup department do to Depp?

The overwrought beauty treatment reminded me of...

Michael Jackson.

Look, I know my man Michael just got acquitted from the accusations of a manipulative, dishonest southern California mom, but, let's face it, he looks kinda creepy and he spends way too much time playing with kids.

In previews currently showing in cinemas here in the States, Willy Wonka is seen doing some stuff that no one else I know does. Except Michael Jackson. Neverland? The Chocolate Factory, babe!

You saw it here first, but I have a feeling there are others who share my thoughts....