Friday, June 16, 2006

Back in Bali

Picked up The Man at Ngurah Rai Airport and went to guessed it... Makro! The raja of grocery stores here in the isle of gods and rajas.

Just checking in. No news to report, except that I ran into friends Sue and Peta in the space of 2 minutes (outside of Dijon, how terminally EXPAT is that?). I don't see anyone outside of Amlapura postal delivery men and the boys at the pool hall across the street. So it's mind boggling to see these gals in so short a time span.

Feel pretty good about recent interview with Diana Darling. She's a wonderful writer. It could be that Bali is a damn good environment for honing one's writing skills.

Also feel pretty good about short story sent to Nury of the Asian Literary Review (née Dimsum).

Watch the Bali Advertiser for the DD interview.

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