Friday, October 16, 2009

Hong Kong

I came out of the jungle the other day to visit Hong Kong. I swear, I have lost my street smarts living in the land of the full moon snorkel and the banana pancake.

Park n Shop got snazzier but more confusing than ever.

My son got a cool apartment with terrace and guest suite.

HD TV is the BOMB!!! Why didn't anyone tell me about the 21st century?

So, like, I've been carrying around with me this burnt out lightbulb for about four years. You can't get the damn thing in Indonesia, in Malaysia, wherever I take this thing. I go pay a visit to my favorite electrical supply house on Johnston Road in Wanchai, and the guy turns around and at shoulder level there are about a half gross of the things. It was like a punch line to a really bad joke.

Other shopping miracles: my son is going to play a soccer game with his pals in an hour. He needs a red shirt and white shorts to fit the team colors. We go across the street from my light bulb store and pick up the exact items at a cheap-o sporting goods shop and a "Sample King" bargain bin. For -what? ten bucks?

I go to the grocery store. The run-of-the-mill bag of bok choy (US fifty cents worth) is not only cheap, but is a crisp assortment of baby size bok choy that would be considered a gourmet veggie in San Francisco.

So I get my prosciutto crudo and Australian wild rucola and I'm cursing because the grocer doesn't stock frozen Pratha's. Can't have everything, I guess.