Friday, March 27, 2009

Well, Hi Dee Hi!

Ever wonder what became of Mr. Hanky?
I found him in southeast Asia. American visitors to Europe will often come across John Malkovich selling scotch or Jennifer Aniston selling men's cologne or Arnold Schwarzeneggar selling watches. It's always a bit of a shock. But we know that celebrities enjoy these little jobs because it means a free trip to Spain or India and more than a little cash. All this without tarnishing
their stateside reputation as dedicated actors.

Mr Hanky is no exception. Still maintaining his level of earned respect as a sometime TV star in America, he has done quite a bit of work in Malaysia and Indonesia, undoubtedly taking in a little tropical sun, sand, and great food.

Here is the Hank sporting a jaunty toupee, pretending he is made out of chocolate, selling
Malyasia's Gardenia bakery version of the Hostess snack cake: Twiggies' Choc-a-lot.

Once I spotted Mr Hanky on the wrapper, though, I just couldn't bring myself to eat one of the little oblongs.
Don't ask me why.

And here he is disguised as an old timey orange bakelite pen, getting Indonesians to vote in the upcoming elections.

That ball point didn't fool me.

Last but not least, he put on a turban and cool shades in order to sell rooms at a Lombok island

So now you know what the Hanky's been up to.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blue Wail Reunited

Blues Goes Green! Blue Wail, colonial Hong Kong's greatest blues band, reunited after 18 years! Sadly, the boys gigged without Korean guitar sensation Chai Soo Heng. Seen here New York Nate Shaw (shimmering keys), Javanese drummer Bogie, and band founder Will Tang (wailing harp, sizzling guitar and vocals). Not shown: bassist JT, my beloved, who organized the whole thing for my big Five Oh.

A happy Saint Patty's Day was had by all in east Bali. What a great shindig it was.