Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ya Gotta Love Google Translator

Here are two hotel reviews, to be found online.

The Japanese guests have reviewed a hotel and used Google for translation.

Kind of reads like those Hong Kong t-shirts with English words on them:

The room is clean and affordable prices.

SHIMAWANAI or rolled over by breaking the glass in the windows close to the height of the bed, but also the sense of security if I put the film look so worried. What signs should be displayed for easy viewing position so hard to find a hotel so narrow.

Karu Shika and a little time go by foot from the station, a user places a blockhead so line KENAKATTA recommended taxi man to take a map. (After all he went 7-11 with a walk and list


旅DATTA it was one single room. The room is clean, closet, safe, and they need a refrigerator, it is well placed in a compact space, was very easy to use. Toilet and shower booth, YOKAっalso been a separate washroomIt is. Neither the staff leave us to respond to the questions carefully. But for me it心地YOKATTA. We market and close to Times Square, a popular early and late (only one), and feel a little uneasy and even after returning to the hotel late at night is not.

With thin walls? Maybe. The first night was a wake at night in a loud commotion in the neighbor, the second night of quiet眠REMASHITA slowly. Well, you feel the noise is different・・・.

AEL Hong Kong Station from the airport to go, move by taxi. Shows the map of surrounding area to the taxi driver, in broken Cantonese, "Please go here" and having said that, from the new and the hotel is close to the way we were I was wondering. The driver stopped the car once, standing on the side of the streetUncle had a way to ask, but does not open RACHI two had exchanged for a while, racing in the middle-aged woman was also found near the scene, the taxi uncle and aunt in the street you have words in three I came on board in the guide, we arrived safely to the hotel. This is the most impressive events of this journey.

Sightseeing/Attractions Tip : City city (market) close to it, early in life, KAIMA見lives of ordinary Hong Kong people. EGGUTARUTO sold in the market's bread and (yuan) is very good.

* * *

A user places a blockhead? Well, you feel the noise is different.