Monday, June 27, 2005

Selling Organs on eBay Didn't Work

Tried to sell two antique reed organs on eBay and it just didn't fly. Dozens of "watchers" (people who tag the item on their own eBay personalized pages for observation), one bidder, but no takers.

Hey, I'm sorry if you expected this entry to be about body parts, but I LOVE that title and I couldn't pass it up! Since the Supreme Court doesn't recognize me as a bona fide journalist, I can't be accused of yellow journalism.

Grey day on the coast of Northern California, here. Paying bills before I head home to the jungle.

Saw Rize last night at the world's foggiest movie theatre, the Century 21 Daly City. Four times, I had to actually restrain my uncoordinated white ass from jumping up from my seat and dancing. It was the most infectious film about dance, EVER! An incredible visual spectacle, a heart-wrenching story, the best screen entertainment this summer!

Tommy the Clown and Larry:

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