Thursday, June 30, 2005

Flash Craig: the Google Biography

Never mind the endlessly fascinating things
that come up when you google your own name, just try finding a friend.

Now, I'm trying to get info on Flash Craig, christened Francis P Craig, known to many as Frank. Flash Craig on google just gets me snared into a lot of software, but to google Frank Craig is to hit a vein of exquisite gems. My husband's lifelong pal Frank Craig apparently led an amazing life. For one, the good doctor himself founded a hospital treating indigent tubercular men:

A truly dedicated caregiver, the man contracted the disease some years later.
Just look at this mega hospital that bears his name today, somewhere in Colorado...

I always knew that Frank had a talent for a fine technical artistry, but look at this illustration attributed to him:

Perhaps the painting was a bit of a break from his long boxing career. Frank "The Harlem Coffee Cooler" Craig had a distinguished run as a pugilist, first in America and then in Britain. A souvenir silk just sold at auction for $2.5K!
Must've really sustained some injuries, because the military didn't want him later on. He was 4F'd out of WWII:

Looking good, there, Flash!
That shot was snapped in pre-mohawk days, I guess.

And if it wasn't amazing enough to find out that Flash was a saintly Medical Doctor, I also stumbled upon this phrase: Dr Frank Craig, CEO of Smart Holograms. Dude, all this time multi-tasking like a fiend.

Look, you had me when you built the movie theatre in your backyard. We loved you for rewiring the Jag. We admire your dutiful care of your ailing dad.

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