Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Met One of the Cool Kids, and I Think She Likes Me!

Finally one of the cool kids in high school sat down at my table at lunch time. In terms of high school drama, this would be about a 10, but, seeing that I graduated about 30 years ago, maybe I don't get to garner quite that many points.

Then again, how many of my readers can say that they made contact with an old classmate by writing a fan letter? And that the recipient actually took it graciously, sincerely, and thoughtfully? O.S., noted artist who has shown bi-coastally, responded to my note, addressed to her San Francisco dealer, and we've finally met in the uber chic gallery district of west Chelsea!

My own art career has been a little different, well, maybe a lot different. And O.S. is at least still producing work. Me, my art is done in fits and starts right now. And I have no dealer on the horizon.

But both of us have done a little bit of writing, a little art criticism, and that is an interesting coincidence. She's sticking it out in the New York world, whereas I am holed up in Bali. She definitely has more energy than I do. She was going to hit at least 3 galleries that afternoon, and there was no way I would be tagging along.

But we had a great conversation, and my daughter joined in, too. All in all, a very pleasant reunion.

It is unfortunate that so many of us are going through personal agony in high school, and are plagued with self doubt. It is just so much easier to reach out as an adult. Glad I did.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you did too!. You are too kind.