Saturday, February 17, 2007

On Little Cat's Feet

Warning to my friends in the interior: Fog HO!

It's 3pm on Saturday and our week of gorgeous weather is coming to a close. I can see a huge fog bank churning its way from the direction of the Hawaiian Islands towards us here at the western edge of America. Just to remind me I'm not back in Bali yet, and that it is winter in the northern hemi.

Anyway, at least I had my ride with the top down today, enjoying one of those amazing winter days when the coast is hotter than the inland valleys.

Tisk-tisk of the day: Letters to the editor of the Oklahoma City newspaper, slamming Al Gore for his "global warming hoax" because "we've had more snow this year than most," and because "God controls the weather."


Evan said...

This is why we need to stop saying 'global warming' and start saying 'global climate change' because although overall average temperatures are rising, the swings are also becoming more and more exteme and unpredictable.

Swimmer of Seraya said...

Hear, hear!