Saturday, May 06, 2006

Changi Airport: The Swimmer's Home Office

Hell, I post more stuff at this airport than any other place in the world. They have faster internet than what my cellphone - and - bamboo - pole - antenna setup gives me in Bali. They have utterly FREE connections, unlike casa verde in California. And I find myself standing in these air conditioned halls more often than any healthy person should.

So: the blog.

The news:
Successfully edited together Galapagos and Machu Picchu DVDs, so look out, all of you who requested same. Jay kept the time down to feature length movie... not baad, if you like Directors' Cuts!!

Won the first of this year's Ubud poetry slams. Too cool!

Note to self, and to Seminyak Business Dewas and Dewis Association: Jalan Dhyana Pura is looking like hell these days! The abandoned buildings which formerly housed small night clubs and boutiques are covered with trash. It brings down the atmosphere of the whole street. Please form a beautification committee or no one is going to want to stay at the Sofitel or eat at Gado Gado.

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