Tuesday, January 10, 2006

On my mind

The ground has opened up now that it has finally turned warm. And all the trees are budding. The night air makes one pleased with being alive. The body is the package the spirit comes in. Evolpost. At death the body goes down and the spirit, the best, goes up into the sky of our hearts.
- Al Hansen


Barbara said...

I like the title of your blog: "This moment in time"!

I'd like to learn more about the "Swimmers of Soraya" though (excuse my ignorance!)


Swimmer of Seraya said...

oh, hello, barbara.

My husband and I are the swimmers of Seraya. It's a large area of land on the eastern tip of Bali.

When I am there, I swim as much as I can.

I have yet to meet anyone who likes snorkeling as much as we do. My husband has been known to bring his gear along when invited to dinner parties, just in case there is a moment when he can slip out to swim.

Anyway, I am writing a novel and he is an engineer. This is my year to finish that story.

Barbara said...

Looking forward to reading your novel!

I am a good swimmer and love the sea, but I had my first snorkeling experience only this year, in Cuba. I could not believe my eyes.

Max said...

Hello Swimmer,
Mordecai here.
I saw my name mentioned in your Class of 76 reunion post...Trying to figure out who you are. I also graduateda year early and failed algebra, wrecking my UC ambition. I went to UCLC (University of California AT Laney College) to make up the math class and then was accepted to UCLA, then finally UC Santa Cruz where I graduated in 1980.
How does this all work? What if you don;t want to publish an email address?

Swimmer of Seraya said...
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